This fat burn fasting business is not for the 'faint of will' or the uninstructed on the science of fat burning. For most women in their thirties, losing “excess weight” is not as easy as consuming less calories. I know what you’re thinking, how can one possibly gain or maintain weight while consuming significantly less calories? What I have learned from over 6 weeks of my love-weight management journey is this, no matter how well I 'intermittent fast' I will not lose weight short term.

Oh and if I may add, adding an exercise routine to the fasting process WILL NOT be an accelerating factor, except you've got a rigorous hit routine lined up, you will still find weight plateauing. I was so incredibly frustrated because in the past a water-fast would have me down 5 pounds in one week, however thus far, my routine has led me to a total of 3 pounds weight loss from 166 to 163 lbs.

My weekly shred routine has included a celery pineapple juice, no food until 1 pm and nothing after 6 pm. I would have one meal, cooked in avocado oil, full of greens, plant/sea protein and low carb to no carb. When I realized I stopped losing weight in my second week, I added a daily strength workout routine, this including weights, squats, sit-ups and my weekend swims.

I found myself getting stronger, stomach shrinking, thighs firming up real nice, but NO WEIGHT LOSS. At this point I was certain there was a wizard somewhere cooking up fat magic and blowing it my way. So I consulted one of my favorite doctor’s online library, Dr. Berg, and voila, it came to me, the ‘wizard of fat’ wasn’t somewhere, it wasn’t someone, it wasn’t the calories I consumed, the 'Wizard of Fat' was SUGAR!

The lesson for me is simple, do not starve yourself of the fat, starve yourself of the SUGAR! This is where KETO comes in. While I would absolutely need to come up with a solid KETO vegan regimen before I venture into KETO, I think it is important for anyone thinking about proper weight loss to explore a sugar cleanse. Starving yourself of the sugar is what burns the fat cells down, they thrive on insulin, without which, they are toast. Our sugar cleanse begins today salt nation, A Luta Continua!

We're not there yet, but we're well on our way to becoming healthier, stronger and leaner (if you will). You can now watch my current love-weight loss gym routine on our IGTV.