How Louisa Turned her Transit TIME into a Full Blown Expedition


Seven Hours in Milan | How Louisa Turned her Transit into a Full Blown Expedition After reading and listening to the stories shared with me, 2018 was tough for a lot of our Salts1. For Louisa, it was especially transformative for many of our Salts. For Louisa, professionally, spiritually and physically. beautiful and heart-wrenching experiences, so by November, she was sure she needed an “Escape New York’s Wahala” trip. If you’re a New York native, you’ve probably taken a couple of those getaway trips.

Louisa planned for a getaway trip to the middle east and took advantage of something the untrained traveler dreads, layovers!

“Layovers Are The Gift That Keeps on Giving”

Gospel According to PopSaltnCulture,

Much like the lumps in your fufu or oatmeal, to the untrained eye, layovers are considered a roadblock to the intended destination. However, If you are a trained traveler, you know that layovers are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are stopover flights cheaper, 4 hour plus layovers are an opportunity to take a tour, connect with locals in a new place, or a great way to break a long flight and stretch to avoid health risks.

Anyway, back to the matter, for Louisa, spotting a number of long layover flights during her booking, was a gift. So for her transit destination, she chose the 7 hour layover in Milan. She planned her movements meticulously, knowing that her American passport meant she won’t be needing a transit visa, she stepped into tourist mode with her chest (a.k.a with serious confidence)! On arrival, three hours were spent in transit to and fro the airport. The other five were spent visiting holy grounds, grabbing bites, castle chasing and pulling up on fine jewelers. First stop was the castle of Milan, after which she took us the Milan cathedral, the duomo square and her mother’s favorite jeweler. Here’s how things really went down in Milan.

First Impressions:

Louisa’s stopover in Milan was one of the best decisions she’s made as a traveler, while it was a brief 5 hour stay, she got to experience the culture and heart beat of Milan, here are a few takeaways and first impressions:

  1. Italians or Milanians are extremely sweet and hospitable. They always met her with a smile, and were open to giving directions and guidance when she asked.
  2. The Italian language is not beans, pronouncing certain words got her tongue in a spaghetti twist.
  3. Google is your friend, Google Maps however, is your clingy bae, don’t make the mistake of touring in transit without it. You don’t want to spend your precious time asking for directions.
  4. Italian fine jewelers are security conscious and simply DO NOT ALLOW CAMERAS, so please pause on the instagram if you don’t want a tongue lashing.
  5. Lastly, Italian food, is Italian, food, the carbs are worth it, so if you’re going to indulge, just Yolo it.

Needless to say, when booking your next trip, plan well and let your stopover flight be an adventure worth sharing with the likes of us. Do it with your chest!


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